Calls for Manuscripts
Excelsior: Leadership in Teaching and Learning


Excelsior: Leadership in Teaching and Learning provides a forum to explore issues related to teaching and learning at public and independent colleges and universities with programs in teacher preparation. Excelsior solicits original, thought-provoking manuscripts of various formats, including papers presenting research on issues and practices important to teacher education and in-depth discussions of perspectives on issues and practices that contribute to the preparation and professional development of educators. A third format—Nota Bene—contains brief, focused articles; book reviews; website or technology recommendations; and a What Are You Reading? feature.

Deadlines for submission:

June 1 for the fall/winter edition

December 1 for the spring/summer edition

See below for information and projected deadlines for upcoming Special Topic Issues.

Manuscript Preparation and Submission

To submit a manuscript to be considered for review

  • Send an electronic file compatible with Microsoft Word as an e-mail attachment to the editor, Cynthia Lassonde, at
  • Manuscripts must follow APA style as outlined in the most recent edition of the APA style manual.
  • Research and Perspectives manuscripts should not exceed 25 pages, including references. Nota Bene manuscripts should not exceed 5 pages, including references.
  • Include a 100-word abstract for Research and Perspectives manuscripts.
  • The cover page should consist of the title of the manuscript, a suggested running head, as well as the authors’ names, affiliations, addresses, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers.
  • Omit headers and footers except for page numbers.
  • Omit all identifiers of the authors and affiliations from the manuscript. Be sure computer software does not reveal author’s identity as well.
  • Secure all permissions to quote copyrighted text or use graphics and/or figures of other non-original material. Include permissions with manuscript.
  • Data-based manuscripts involving human subjects should be submitted with a statement or verification from the author that an Institutional Review Board certificate or letter approving the research and guaranteeing protection of human subjects has been obtained from the researcher's institution.

Manuscripts will be subject to a blind review by peer reviewers and the editor. The review process will take approximately three months from time of submission.
All manuscripts will be judged on their scholarship, contribution to the knowledge base, timeliness of topic, creative/thoughtful approach, clarity and cohesiveness, appropriateness to category, and adherence to preparation guidelines. Selections may also be affected by editorial decisions regarding the overall content of a particular edition.


Send us a short description of the professional book you are currently or have recently read. Tell us, what are you reading and what do you think of it? Would you recommend it to other teacher educators? Why? How has it informed your practice, your research, or yourself as a teacher educator?
Brief, focused articles; book reviews; or website or technology recommendations
are also requested for this section.

Deadlines for submission:
June 1 for the fall/winter edition
December 1 for the spring/summer edition