NYACTE is the New York Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. We are a professional association representing New York State institutions of higher education who prepare teachers and other professional educators. We are also the state-level affiliate of the national professional association AACTE, the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education.

The major objectives of the Association are the same as the objectives of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education as they apply in and for the State of New York.

1. To provide member institutions with the means for continuous exchange of information, experiences, and judgments concerning all aspects of teacher education.

2. To stimulate and facilitate research, experimentation, and evaluation in teacher education and in related problems of learning and teaching; to serve as a clearing house of information and reports on these matters; and to publicize findings of studies that have significance for the improvement of teacher education.

3. To exchange reports, experiences, and ideas with educators or teachers in other states and nations as a means of improving teacher education and of strengthening national and international understanding and cooperation.

4. To encourage and assist the administrators of teacher education institutions to develop greater competence, especially in their leadership of college faculties in developing improved programs for the education of teachers.

5. To cooperate with other professional organizations and agencies in activities designed to established desirable directions, goals and standards for teacher education.

6. To seek the involvement of non-professional organizations and agencies toward the end of enhancing the program and environment of teacher education in the State of New York.

7. To make available to colleges, universities, and other agencies upon request, professional consultant services and other practical assistance to help them improve teacher education programs.

8. To represent the education of teachers before all segments of the public as a great professional enterprise carrying special responsibilities for the development of competent citizens.

Further, this Association shall provide a vehicle for teacher education institutions within New York State to assist the national organization in:

1. Developing and defining positions on issues of importance to teacher education.

2. Coalescing support for national policy and activity.

3. Supporting the programs and activities of the state association.